Writing not drawing

I set myself a goal. I am not the best writer in the world. When I take a pen it’s for drawing not for writing. It has been like that since I was a little girl. I am always scared to write and I prefer hiding behind my arts which I use to speak for me sometime. Secondly, English is not my first language. It can take me hours just to write a simple e-mail, text or post.  But, today a set myself a challenge: during bootcamp, I will try to write… sorry start again: I WILL WRITE about my progression, inspiration and final design for each month assignment…ouf this is going to be hard! So please, be kind to me, I will try my best to not make mistakes and hopefully my sentences will make sense to you.


Inspiration came to me after a lot of sketches

The brief for the mini assignment was to study plate scenic and get inspired by them. The first thing that came into my mind was the composition. Most of the scenic that I like had 3 layers: The background, the main character or focus point and an element at the front that stand out (branch, tree, flower,…). Secondly, the round shape of the plate sometime will be emphasized throughout the design or simply not. Finally, what got my attention was the scenic plate that tells a story. I like art that makes your dream and is constantly keeping your mind and your imagination ticking.

I took my pen and started sketching. I was drawn towards tree, forest and fairytale. I collected some images from Errol Le Cain and Kay Nielsen to inspire me.  For the first 10 days I kept drawing trees or landscape but I was still stuck with all these icons and individual sketches but no finished ideas.


When the second brief was revealed I found myself laughing. – How funny!  The brief was to paint a wall art on a cross section of a tree and all that time I was obsessed by drawing trees.  Still, I was drawing and painting more trees but nothing was coming out. – You can force creation but time is ticking now. So I decide to explore characters (which I try to work on during the bootcamp as this is not my strength). First a princess emerge standing with her long dress that blend into the grass. I loved this idea but I couldn’t portrait it the way as seen it in my head. – So, what if the princess was sat on the grass instead? As I was trying a different position for my character the story starts to emerge. – This is not a princess! it is Mother Nature! Mother Nature sat on the grass with animals, birds and insect around her and here come a big shy bear. – Don’t be scare! She says with the hand open toward the bear and inviting him to join them.


This first piece was the starting point for the 4 wall art collection. Then came the King of the Forest (the bear), the bird nest (I love to draw bird, they are one of my favourite subjects) and the mushrooms which I taught were a brilliant idea: just like a tree stump with mushroom that pops everywhere.


I try to challenge myself during bootcamp and drawing more character is one of my main goals. My second goal is to be able to choose colour palette in advance. I spend way too much time on that. I try before to have a set pallet to work with but I never stick to it. I will spend hour changing the hue, the contrast, warmer colour, less cold, more green, the yellow is to orangey…it never stopped! For me, this is a real challenge!

I am also a bit gutted that I didn’t try painting for this assignment has this would been a super challenge for me. I do use paint from time to time but I never did a piece from start to finish with paint. I always use paint for parts of my artwork (icon or background) and modify them digitally. So this is going to be another goal on my list. I might try to paint the bear one (simple shapes) and see where it leads me.  – Don’t be too hard on yourself, you perfectionist!

I know that I could still work more on them 4 pieces but you got to know when to stop. I will probably come back to them one day and maybe make a nice pattern with them?



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