Little things that makes ME happy!

For some people buying a new hand bag is what makes them happy. There is nothing wrong with that. Everybody is different. Go for it, if it makes you happy!

What makes me happy…

  1. I like to please myself and buy pen, pastel and craft material. I can spend hour in there trying different type of pen to find the perfect one for me.
  2. I do like shopping for bargain. I enjoy going through clothes rack on sale. It feels like trying to find a treasure.
  3. I love the to go to the book store with my little princess. We can sat for hours in the children section. Even if I said to her: – Maman can only buy one book! I always come back with more.
  4. But my favourite thing that makes me bursting with excitement is taking e-course to better myself in doing what I love the most: drawing.

So last week I started the road to happiness and pleased myself with all them little treats and today the big splash out. I treated myself to something I have been dreaming of for a long time : I am taking part in MATS part A starting next week. Nothing wrong with that!!!



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Laurence Lavallee aka Flo

I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer and this blog will guide you through my creative journey.

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