Be yourself

MATS part A: Week 2 Home Deco

Assignment: Using paisley, make 1-4 pieces of art for a collection of ceramic plates

Be ME was this week reconnecting with my roots! What helped me going thought this hard week challenge (paisley is not my favourite motif) was to identify my strength. After 2 days doodling and challenging myself using watercolour, a specific colour palette to work with from the start (I struggle with colour and I always change) and the paisley motif I felt a bit overwhelmed. I stepped back and I decided to look at the paisley motif in a different way. I love the bohemian style and decide to use this as an inspiration. I know I like drawing birds and flowers so why not make it easy for myself and incorporate these. It has been a long time since I listen to French music (I am French Canadian or quebecoise and now live in the England) so I did a playlist and Edith Piaf no regret song save the day…non rien de rien non je ne regrette rien (if you need the translation let me know). Lesson learned: Be Me is believe, know my weakness and fear, use my strength and had a bit of your French twist into your art.



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Laurence Lavallee aka Flo

I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer and this blog will guide you through my creative journey.

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