Week 1 of MATS A (1 month later)

When I did MATS I kept a journal of my journey:

  1. to help to focus
  2. to be able to criticism my how work
  3. to put words on I how feel at the time (it felt like talking to an imaginary friend at time!)
  4. to force me to write (I am good at using a pen to drawn but not at writing) good practice for perfecting my English too (so sorry for the grammatical mistakes)

One month later I am posting about week 1 on MATS A. The subject was peppers and pyrex and we had to create a fabric collection (1 main + 2 coordinates). Here are my thoughts at the time.



Peppers & Pyrex

This one is a bit challenging for me. I never really draw food related subject. I did a series on vegetable but never got around to finish it. I also try drawing pot, pan and other kitchen utensil but again put it on hold. This time there is nowhere to hide. The first day of sketching was fantastic but at the back of my mind I always think of the main assignment. I try to find a link between the two subjects and that leads me to over think. I am trying to visualise the final piece too quick. When I draw I feel liberate. I like working with a brief and deadline because it keeps me focus and help me to create a finished piece. I notice that I seem to get quicker to produce artwork as I gain more digital skills to create pattern.

I am still struggling with choosing a colour palette that will work with the subject and be on trend. I tent to use colour that I like and that are bright.

Lately, I start using watercolour. I love it! I am still learning but practicing makes better. I just bought myself a set of 40 Caran d’Ache aquarelle pencil – never buy cheap art supply, my set of cheap 12 watercolour keep breaking when I sharpen them or even just use them. I also bought myself a set of acrylic which I tried once but I think gouache would have been a better choice. When I was young I was fascinated with painter and at the age of 8 my mother bough me magazine about famous painter and book on how to paint. At the age of 10, she enrols me in a drawing and painting course at the Museum of Montreal.  That was brilliant. Every Sunday I use to walk around in the museum trying to find inspiration surrounded by them great artists.

Another course that I use to enjoy was life model at University during my architectural diploma. This class was a 3 hour session with a 20 minutes break in the middle (for me no break). I use to come out this course sweating has it was so intense sometime. I was probably the only one in the class like that because I was so immersed and dedicated. I remember some of my fellow classmate use to dislike this class and didn’t see the purpose of it but for me this 3 hour was sacred and I was always surprise how quick the time passed. I think I like it that much because I felt liberated and I was just drawing and not thinking. I was let loose, using my finger to fade the black chalk onto the paper far from the straight line and rigidity of architecture. This is what I have been missing for years!

Taking part of them courses (MATS and ABSPD) brig back that freedom feeling in me. I am still fighting the logic side of my brain but slowly I will eventually feel free again.

-X –


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