Follow your instinct

Week 4 of MATS part A Assignment: Create a piece of ABSTRACT collage-style wall art for a shop like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters for the 25–45 year old female consumer. Colours: RED & YELLOW (Oh no! I don’t like them colour together!) Wednesday After collecting different texture and object around the house and making my own mark and texture with pastel, water colour, pencil, ink pens and other I jumped stray away onto the computer. I started with different experimentations but this felt too much control. So I put my first attempt of the side and decided to start with a new approach. I needed to let go of the logic side of my brain and free myself a bit more. Start again! Wallart-ABSTRACT-1a “Now, I will try to fill one page with everything that comes to my mind using different media.” I took the challenge and started experimenting with shred colour paper and glue. I added some watercolour and scatter various shapes there and there. I made a free mess! I went to bed later that night feeling very relaxed about the assignment. step1 Thursday When I woke up the first thing that I did was to go straight to my office to see my artwork. I look at it and now I felt confuse. I didn’t like it and because use a simple sheet of paper office, there was no way to build up more with paint and adding more would turn the freedom mess into muck. I left the house and drop my kids to nursery and school and as I was walking back home I had an idea: I am going to cut my artwork into long strip and mix and match them. “I can’t wait to go home…walk faster!” step2 Even if I didn’t really like my mess, it was hard at first to let go and cut through it but after a while it was very gratifying. Some motif and texture started emerging from my stripes as I was moving them around to try to create something new. I took multiple pictures of different arrangement and uploaded them on my computer. I was very excited to see the result on the screen.  I played with the hue and saturation and I have to admit that the restricted colour palette I was giving, even if I didn’t like it at the start, was helping me to not get carry away by spending hour deciding on which colour option was the best. step3step4 I was having so much fun doing a digital mess now! Now I have to incorporate some flower and text but I don’t want to just throw them there and there without meaning something. I stepped back to look at my artwork and asked myself what emotion and feeling do I get by looking at my work? “DREAM! I am making and building a dream. Make your dream come true! Here is my quote!” I also remembered Lilla’s assignment recipe sheet mentioning who are you creating the artwork for? “I will please myself and do it for me! I will make them colours appealing for me and create something I will be very happy to hang on my wall. It is going to be very personal and a bit of a reminder of me creating art. Make it happen!” step5 I started gathering flowers from my flower bank (every time I make a sketch of a flower I scan it and add it to a Photoshop file that I named flower bank) and from new sketch that I have been working on for the assignment. I found a lovely little portrait that I made a month ago which I have been dying to use. Everything started to take shape and I felt very happy about it. “I am now done! Go to bed and tomorrow you can add the finishing touches and upload it. Wow that was quick!” Bedtime… step6 Friday I was very positive when I sat down to finish my artwork. I was feeling like I wanted to play more. I am going to am another go at this. Anyway if that second attempt fails, I am very proud to send the first one. So here I go again trying different things when EUREKA! “This could go there and this can become a dress kimono like and I can add this texture at the background…” I was unstoppable, playing, singing and making my dream come true. I love it even more than my first attempt. This new adventure was building up very fast, like if I was making a puzzle. It felt so natural, like nothing was force because I was adding and building my artwork using pieces, texture and motif that I LIKED. I even used a texture from my first digital exploration from Wednesday. I am actually very proud of the final result. From me to me!



Be yourself

MATS part A: Week 2 Home Deco

Assignment: Using paisley, make 1-4 pieces of art for a collection of ceramic plates

Be ME was this week reconnecting with my roots! What helped me going thought this hard week challenge (paisley is not my favourite motif) was to identify my strength. After 2 days doodling and challenging myself using watercolour, a specific colour palette to work with from the start (I struggle with colour and I always change) and the paisley motif I felt a bit overwhelmed. I stepped back and I decided to look at the paisley motif in a different way. I love the bohemian style and decide to use this as an inspiration. I know I like drawing birds and flowers so why not make it easy for myself and incorporate these. It has been a long time since I listen to French music (I am French Canadian or quebecoise and now live in the England) so I did a playlist and Edith Piaf no regret song save the day…non rien de rien non je ne regrette rien (if you need the translation let me know). Lesson learned: Be Me is believe, know my weakness and fear, use my strength and had a bit of your French twist into your art.